Goals and Objectives

The scientific and practical journal “Bulletin of Medical Science” is a regular peer-reviewed print publication reflecting the results of research of leading experts on healthcare problems, original research materials in experimental and clinical medicine, clinical case studies, scientific reviews and discussions, contributes to the growth of the scientific potential and professionalism of the medical community.

The main objective of the journal is the publication of original scientific articles and reviews devoted to the fundamental problems of biomedical sciences, clinical and preventive medicine, human ecology; clinical observations; conference materials and information materials are also published. To ensure the high quality of scientific articles of the journal, the author’s manuscripts undergo a mandatory review procedure before publication.

The scientific journal of ASMU is included into the Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI). Russian and English printed and online versions of the journal are available for the readers by subscription and on the journal website respectively.

The editorial board invites scientists, graduate students, research assistants and other specialists to cooperate and offers the possibility of publishing scientific articles on the pages of the journal.

The content of scientific works published in the journal “Bulletin of Medical Science” should correspond to four groups of specialties of scientists (14.00.00 Medical sciences):

14.01.00 Clinical medicine;

14.02.00 Preventive medicine;

14.03.00 Biomedical sciences.

Main goals:

— representation of the results of research, scientific, practical and experimental activities;

— propaganda of the main achievements of medical science;

— promotion of the development of a scientific information base in Russia;

— organization of open scientific polemics, contributing to the improvement of the quality of scientific research, the effectiveness of the examination of scientific works;

— development of cooperation with Russian, foreign organizations and scientists, as well as promoting the integration of Russian scientists into the international scientific community.

These goals meet the main general criteria for selecting articles for publication in the journal “Bulletin of Medical Science”, which include the relevance of the topic of research, originality, scientific and/or practical novelty of the material, its value in theoretical and/or applied aspects.

The authors of the articles are leading Russian and foreign scientists, doctors, as well as young specialists and scientific researchers conducting promising scientific studies and having extensive personal experience in fields of medical and biological sciences.